Erica + James | Texas Old Town

I’m not sure if you’ve ever been with a photographer and felt so relaxed and ready to have fun. In a good photography session, that’s exactly what you should feel. There shouldn’t be any nerves, just fun laughs and playful times. There shouldn’t be stiff posing, and there shouldn’t be awkward moments!

Photography sessions should be fun. They should be relaxing and they should be a time where you know that you are with the right person in your life.

Erica + James

This Austin, TX couple made a relaxing and fun photography session so easy. However, it could have easily been awkward and uncomfortable for them, as they were so worried about their large height difference and how that would play out in their engagement photos. You see, Erica is 4’10” and James is 6’2″!! Sometimes a large height difference can make photography difficult. Not this time!┬áThis couple was so special in that they fed off of each other’s energy, making it easy to not have any stiffly-posed pictures.

In almost every photo below, you’ll see the couple laughing with each other or smiling from ear to ear as we captured this Texas Old Town Engagement Session.

This couple has what every couple craves- synergy. They were so in sync with each other, and their photos absolutely show it.

A Funny Introduction

So usually couples tell me that they meet in high school, or maybe at a job. This couple had an absolutely unique story I’m pretty sure I’ll never hear again.

Erica’s friends set her up on 14 different blind dates. During these dates, she actually had to go to the hospital three separate times because she was allergic to mushrooms and for some reason, her dates kept ordering mushrooms!

As you can imagine, she was pretty worn out by the 14th date. It was farther than she wanted to drive, and she didn’t really feel like leaving the house that night. However, something in her gut told her to go anyways…and THAT was the night she met James!

This session was so full of energy and laughter. As you can probably tell from the story above, this was a pretty fun couple!

Thank you Erica + James!

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