Sam + Kacie | Wedding at Bull Creek Park

A Bull Creek Park Wedding

When your parents own a house that backs up to Bull Creek Park, how can you pass up the opportunity to have your Austin wedding there? Sam and Kacie sure didn’t, and it’s a good thing because their wedding was gorgeous! Sam grew up with this beautiful scenery in his backyard and they figured it would be the prefect spot to tie the knot. Bull Creek Greenbelt in Austin, Texas, is a popular spot for families and couples to go hiking, wade around in the river, and just be in nature and all in a short drive from downtown. The week of Sam and Kacie’s wedding, it was raining so much! Luckily, the clouds parted in the afternoon and the sun came out just in time for their ceremony on the back porch overlooking the river. After the ceremony, Sam and Kacie, being the outdoorsy couple they are, decided to wade through the river in their wedding clothes! Of course, this is a photographer’s dream, so we had a lot of fun with this part. Enjoy these lovely fall wedding photos from Bull Creek Park!



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