Downtown Austin fall family photos | South Congress Ave

Fun and unique family photos

For those of you looking for something different for your family photos this year, look no further than something like this! We did these fun and unique family photos in downtown Austin on South Congress Ave. This family had done family photos a few years ago, but did the more popular “fall look” in an Austin park. This year, they wanted something totally different and since they also have three kids who are not huge fans of being in front of the camera, a fun location that could be casual was a huge plus. We actually had so much fun doing this South Congress Ave family photography session, utilizing all the unique walls, murals, and little spots on the street that Austin has to offer.

The Heart Wall

Anyone who lives in Austin knows about the heart wall mural just outside the TOMS shoe store on South Congress Ave. TOMS is awesome and lets people take as many photos as they want outside their store, so when this family mentioned they wanted to start there, it was a done deal! The great thing about starting at TOMS is that it is easy to walk up the street towards the South Congress Hotel and hit some other fun photo spots along the way. There are so many places to photograph, it can easily take up an hour or two during your family photography session.

One thing I love about being an Austin family photographer is meeting so many different families and hearing their preferences and desires for family photo shoot. I am up for anything – candid, formal, unique, quirky, or classic. Get in touch to schedule today!

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