Studio sessions are easy and fun! Bring your kids in for an hour and we can have a great time with different backdrops and plenty of places to sit, including a couch, a bed and chairs. 
These sessions can be combined with an outdoor session or stand alone. I like to photograph kids as they are! We will have fun with them to ensure we get the best side of them in the photos.

Get your headshots done here as well! Headshot sessions will be comfortable and simple, with multiple backdrops we can use and a private area to change your clothing.

Maternity and family sessions can also be done here! There is enough variety and space to get the vibe of photos you are going for.

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"Her work speaks for itself, capturing the raw emotion whether it's the first look at a wedding or a father: son moment."

-Emily and Nick

"I would give 10 starts if I could! If you're on the fence... save yourself the hassle and hire Claire immediately. Her work is beautiful and she is extremely talented!"

Lal Family

"My tips: Book in advance she gets busy. 
No need to give direction, Claire knows what to capture with little or no direction." 
She always get the most natural shot.

Why I Love Being an Austin Children's Photographer

Photos involving children are always an adventure, whatever age they might happen to be. Having photographed children in Austin, TX, for many years now, I can safely say I've seen it all when it comes to children and their unpredictable moods! I'm always ready for the unexpected. Whether you want some photos of your infant, toddler, adolescent, or some combination of all of these, I would love Rising Oak Images to make this experience a fun one . I love children, and getting them to cooperate long enough for some high-quality, timeless pictures is my specialty.

Why Hire a Children's Photographer?

Kids can be as much of a challenge as they are a blessing! As a parent, you need to be prepared for muddy feet on the carpet, temper tantrums, and picky eaters. But as all of us parents know, the rewards of parenthood far outweigh the tribulations, and when you get older, you'll look back and smile at all the times you had together. It's because these years go by so fast that families feel they need to hire a professional children's photographer to capture what their youngsters were like at every age. It's not just for you, but also for the grandparents, the aunts and uncles, and all those other family members who you don’t see very often.

I have kids of my own, and I know that you want some candid shots where they're smiling, and it doesn't look forced. I have no problem chasing a rambunctious toddler around if they don't want to sit still. I want to create a photography experience that really captures your child in a genuine way! Who wants some pictures of their kids that look too staged? Let me set up a photo session where they can have fun, run around, and they (hopefully) won't get bored! 

What To Expect During a Children's Photo Session

We have multiple options for how to capture some sweet photos of your kiddos. We can go to an outdoor location, and having lived in Dripping Springs for some time now, I can recommend so many beautiful Austin urban or hill country areas. We can also photograph in your home! These sessions are more lifestyle oriented, as in, they really capture your home life and by nature most little kids feel very comfortable in their own space. Lastly, we can do a children's photo session in my studio! These are more staged, but are truly beautiful and classic and work really well for babies all the way up through age 6. 

My Connection to Austin

One of the things I love about Austin is how connected and community oriented it is.  My parents both lived in Texas for many years but moved to Oregon, where I was raised. I made my way back to Austin a few years ago, and have not looked back since! I love photographing Austin kids, in our beautiful outdoors filled with natural pools and big oak trees. I love that I'm able to deliver something of sentimental value that's more important than any material possession. What I'm giving you with your photos are memories, and there's nothing more special than those. Kids grow up so fast, almost too fast! While they can be a handful, we wouldn't have them any other way. They’re the best part of ourselves, and they make our lives worth living. You can't go wrong setting up some professional photos to capture these sweet times with your kids! 


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